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January 12, 2012 -We stayed in Waikiki at the beginning of our trip, so that we could go see Andrew Bird perform at the Hawaii Theatre. We didn't do much more than walk around, and visit the Honolulu Aquarium- but the sun and warmth were amazing!




The Road to Hana


Hotel Wailea

Driving in Maui


January 13-17 - We spent the remainder of of trip at Hotel Wailea in Maui. We did a couple of day trips around the island, including a drive down The Road to Hana The Road to Hana ain't for your momma. It twists and turns around the coast. Even at the top speed of 30MPH it was stomach-churning (but still beautiful and worth it.) Many of the views were available from the road itself- the kitties (many, and wild) and the beaches were at pull=offs along the way. Wailea Wailea was peaceful compared to the bustle of Waikiki. Everyone seemed happy and relaxed- I know we were. Hotel Wailea The hotel we stayed at was made up of several buldings of rooms spaced out to give privacy. The grounds were pristine, and the birds were aggresively friendly. Lahaina We spent one day exploring Lahaina. We saw some coffee, Hawaii's first printing press, and shaved ice.



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