Give Me Fiction

I have met a lot of people lately who only read non-fiction*. Insane! Where's the escape in that? What kind of joy can you get from reading informative literature?
I worry, though,that my inability to acquire information this way may be a disadvantage. How am I supposed the learn the things I need to better myself or to start a business if I keep falling asleep over the details?
Here are the kinds of resources I would like to see in the market, soon.

Sales and Heart,
starring Claire Danes and James McAvoy.
Kirsten (Danes) has just left her job to follow her dreams of owning her own small business. With no idea where to start, she hires eligable friend of a friend, Mark (McAvoy.) It's the romantic comedy that answers the question - exactly what do you need to do to be successful in business and love?

Here's an excerpt from the new book
Choose Your Own Adventure : A Small Business
"You are looking for the perfect home for your dream shop. Do you choose the high-priced prime space in the wealthy part of town(p.36) or a low-rent older shop in an up and coming neighborhood (p.38)."
p.38- "You chose to open your business in a small old space with an affordable lease. The ceiling caves in and you die. The end."

Accountable! The puzzle game that helps you with your taxes, accounts, and business planning! Now with five new mind-enhancing levels, in 3-D!


This is an untapped market- all those people who really want to learn, but cannot do it the traditional way. Practical knowledge in a fictional setting! I'll make a million.
All I need now is to do some research...


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* You know who you are.